About Belle

Howdy folks!

I'd like to introduce you to Belle, (short for Campbell) she came to Catbird Craft via a rescue centre. She was found abandoned and unloved above a fancy dress shop in Clapham. Due to her plastic eyes, Belle's vision is far from perfect. Unfortunately she's also unable to fly, (nylon feathers don't quite give the lift of the real thing). So, unsurprisingly, the corvid hospital who cared for her deemed her wholly unsuitable for release back to the wild. With aviary space at a premium, it's unclear what would have happened to Belle had Catbird Craft not offered her the job of unofficial fire alarm. Aside from the afternoon somebody's new kiln melted she's not been particularly busy since her arrival. So, in reality, her days tend to involve stealing paintbrushes and avoiding Claude. When she has a moment she enjoys finding recipes for the cat to conjure up.

Occasionally I do roller-skate at top speed across Blackheath common with her strapped to my shoulder. It's as close a sensation of flight as we can manage for her. It's not perfect but she appears content.

Being a special type of bird, Belle's dietary requirements mean she cannot eat wheat or meat, so all the recipes on this blog are wheat-free and vegetarian, sometimes these recipes are taken from cookbooks and readjusted for wheat-free or they are direct from another site, we will always credit the original source, if we miss one please let us know!

My regards to you all,